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My turning point to change to the gluten-free GAPS diet was when my son James was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. Before this point, I had consumed a largely organic diet, but was still eating lots of whole wheat and sugar products. Once we decided to make the switch, we came home and emptied out 6 bags of groceries and gave them away to friends. We then drove to Whole Foods and re-stocked our house with gluten-free GAPS food. The biggest change was that our son began to speak, and within one year was recovered from Autism. Some other changes I noticed in myself, were that I lost 10 pounds of baby weight, and my lifelong acne completely disappeared. As a foodie, I was resistant to giving up my favorite foods, so I had to create new recipes that were modified to be GAPS-compliant. After creating an entire notebook of these recipes, I decided to publish my recipes, and The BrainFood Cookbook was born. I want to share with parents of Autistic children, the GAPS diet is the #1 most important intervention you can do for your child. For those want to try GAPS but are daunted by the challenge of changing their diet, that it's really not that hard... I've already figured out all the good recipes for you! However I've come to realize there are many reasons people are reluctant to change their diet, including:
- Child is addicted to the opiates found in wheat/dairy/sugar
Or as a parent:
- don't have time to cook
- don't know how to cook
- don't like to cook
- think it's too expensive
- your own ADD makes learning new things difficult
- you are too disorganized to meal plan / learn to cook GAPS
- you are too overwhelmed to cook, and currently rely on take out
- you are generally afraid to try new things
- you are afraid your child will resist change and will starve to death
- you can't tolerate your child screaming, and give in to his demands
The good news is, I've already been there, and I have solutions to all of these challenges! I assure you that your child's life, and your life, will improve when you implement the GAPS diet. My son now has lost his Autism diagnosis, we dissolved his IEP, he attends a competitive private school, and has lots of friends. While I still cook most of our food from scratch, I have streamlined our weekly meal prep so that I am spending less time in the kitchen. Now that he is recovered, I have time to pursue my own career and interests, and my body and skin look better than ever.
My goal is to help parents worldwide recover their children from Autism and ADD. Readers of The BrainFood Cookbook will benefit from the tested recipes and the how-to tips in the book. Coaching clients will also benefit from one-on-one support to help them with their unique emotional and situational blocks which are holding them back from reaching their goals.
As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am pleased to offer consultations either in Baltimore, MD or via phone/Skype.
I am pleased to offer discounted ($30) 30-minute Health History initial consultations to interested clients. Please visit to schedule your initial consultation. It is an opportunity for us to get to know one another and see if we are a good fit for a 6-month program.
6-month Program Rates:
Making significant and lasting progress in your family's health and behavior takes time.
I prefer to work with clients in a 6-month program (meeting 2X/month for 30 minutes) to achieve lasting results in children's and parent's lives.
$100/month for 6 months, auto-billed monthly to checking/credit card
(Total of $600 for 12 consults, which equals $50 per session)
Single Session Rates:
For clients who prefer to meet with me for single sessions, the rate is $75 for a 30-minute consultation.
Clients will be pleased to know that I hold 3 degrees from Johns Hopkins University, and I've done additional training with Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Maryland University of Integrative Health, and the BioIndividual Nutrition Advanced Program. I am also trained as a Reiki Master (Usui and Kundalini), an Ordained Minister, and an Advanced Theta Healer.
Disclaimer: Angela Taylor is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and not a medical doctor nor a mental health therapist. This website for all intents and purposes should be for educational purposes only.
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