GAPS Diet Testimonials

James Taylor - Autism Age 2/3 - Before the BrainFood Diet*

James Taylor - Autism Age 4 - After the BrainFood Diet*

The following testimonials are for the SCD/GAPS program covered in the BrainFood Cookbook. Since our book is recently released, we list success stories from those who have already implemented SCD/GAPS using the books: Breaking the Vicious Cycle, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and GAPS Guide along with BrainFood testimonials.

I just wanted to tell all the families who have come to this crossroad of GAPS to take the plunge! As a mother of 2 children on the spectrum, I have been where you are. I have been desperate, alone, and overwhelmed. I have cried a lifetime of tears and every moment of despair is worth the joy I feel now. Three months ago I didn't know what I was going to do with my son. He was regressing and angry. I knew I had to get my little boy back! I would rock him to sleep in tears whispering, "Come back to me my sweet Trent." I promised myself that if I ever had the answer that I would do it no matter how hard! GAPS is giving me my son back! That is worth fighting for! Trent is now categorizing cubes, cones, spheres, and cylinders! Every time I think about it, I cry! He can choose a sight word and turn it into a sentence! The point is, reach for the stars! My sweet Trent is coming back to me!*
My oldest son is on his way. His healing needs a little more time. His only issue is focus, other than that he is quite a character! He used to have to be on medication for anxiety. GAPS has taken anxiety away! He really is doing phenomenal!*
You owe it to yourself and your children to strive for better!*
My son's language was severely delayed. He would snake backward across the floor on his belly, screaming, finally pressing his forehead against a wall, terror in his eyes. Day and night, he woke fully at least every 2-4 hours. He could not tolerate baths, haircuts or toothbrushing. Incontinent, he was unable to potty train.
[We started on the less restrictive SCD, then later transitioned to the more restrictive GAPS.] On SCD Day One, my son had a normal stool for the first time in six weeks and, for the first time in his life, he slept through the night. On Day Three, he spoke his first sentence. That week, he potty trained himself.*
Since early on in the SCD, his language, cognition and physical development have continued to soar. He talks easily, his teeth have healed, and he eats everything we put in front of him. He is relaxed, easygoing and tremendously happy. He is highly sociable. His earlier behaviors and stools return only when he tries a food that proves too advanced for his system to handle.*
Early June, I transitioned him to the full GAPS program. We have seen leaps even beyond those achieved by SCD alone. Temporary setbacks notwithstanding, my boy has become a fully healthy child. It boggles my mind, every single day, that something so simple (so to speak) could have brought such tremendous changes. While GAPS' benefits are definitely worth the effort involved, there is a learning curve. I stumbled about a lot at the beginning. The most important pieces for me have been information and support. The online communities provide these in abundance.*

My husband and I got the best Christmas gift from our almost three-year old autistic son. He has been on the diet for 6 weeks now, and on Christmas Eve, out of the blue, he said, "I'm happy, Daddy!" Those are the sweetest words to hear from a child who has been miserable for the past year. We had never even heard him say the word "happy" before. We know that we would not have our sweet Caleb where he is right now if it were not for the SCD. His saying he was happy is a huge encouragement for me to continue this diet. Be encouraged!*
My son is almost six years old and has autism. He was gluten/casein free (GFCF) for two years and while, during the first six months I thought I saw improvement in his exhibiting less stimmy behaviors, his stimming returned. Even while on GFCF, he still had constant stomach problems - being hospitalized four times for throwing up and dehydration. I had mentioned to our doctor for years that he seemed to be addicted to potato chips, french fries, ketchup, and waffles. When I learned of the SCD, it addressed this carbohydrate addiction and we started the diet promptly.*

My son and daughter's health was failing. The team of pediatric specialists we were seeing had no clue how to make them healthy, nor did our alternative DAN (Defeat Autism Now) physician. Fortunately for us, this was August and every doctor treating us was on vacation. In desperation we started the SCD. My son's stools became normal, and he started growing and gaining weight. He's now a strong, healthy, normal seven-year old. My daughter's speech peculiarities disappeared. Her eye contact became normal. By age 4 1/2, one year after her diagnosis, no one would guess she was ever "autistic".*
We started GAPS for my 3 year old with a severe development delay, and within a day we noticed changes, and within 3 days his therapists were commenting on how he is like a different child.*
This cutting edge program (GAPS) really sheds light on why there are so many children with spectrum disorders and offers dietary interventions to heal the gut, which in turn, heals the brain.*

The GAPS program is HIGHLY recommended for anyone who has children with supposed ADHD or other behavioral problems. How many years have we been knowingly been poisoned by the food producers in this country? It's time to take our own action to provide a better life for ourselves and our children. Read this book, change your diet and help the children and yourselves.*

The GAPS program is so insightful and helpful. I know many people including those with autistic children, who have seen incredible changes after a few months in themselves and their family's health. It just makes sense. My only hope is that this will all become mainstream knowledge when enough people have benefited from it.*

As a mother of an autistic daughter I am always looking for answers to the many questions looming over this condition. The power of food to heal or harm is explained & offers a new perspective from a scientific basis on how our western lifestyle is harming our children.*

Our son regressed at 26 months and GAPS has been instrumental in bringing him back to us. My son regressed over a three month period after receiving a vaccine. His speech slurred. He stopped looking at us (peripheral vision only). He woke up screaming for 30-45 minutes almost every night. He stopped playing. He stopped being easy-going and happy and became rigid and unhappy. Everything seemed to hurt him. He lost his coordination and could not feed himself. He lost his potty training. He also developed strange behaviors such as clicking and opening his mouth, grabbing the bridge of his nose and squeezing his eyes shut. His bowel movements were a mess. I could go on. Two to three weeks on GAPS and most of these issues improved. He's now three years and nine months old and he is talking, learning, growing, and developing very normally. I want to shout it out to the world and help others!*
I have been following the GAPS diet for 5 months now with my son. I recently had to go back and start over following the Introduction Diet. I was unaware there was an introduction diet but I am very happy to have found it. The introduction diet has made all the difference for my son in determining the foods he is unable to handle. Since starting the GAPS diet over, we have seen a huge transformation in his behavior and BMs. We have felt captive in our house for the last 3 years as a result of Tim's behavior and constant watery stools. Last Saturday we actually had a day out. It was wonderful. We still have a long way to go but we are very hopeful as we have seen more improvement in 5 months than we had previously ever seen on anything else we have tried.*

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